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"A Particularly Hairy Situation" - Children's Book


Carmella Coiffe, like many girls her age, is the unfortunate victim of what some might refer to as "cursed hair" - or at least that's what she thinks. Carmella’s long and defiant tangle of curls rests atop her crown like a sentient mop, determined to render her life a series of embarrassing moments, uncomfortable stares, and cruel jibes. Yet, Carmella is a clever girl and motivated to lift this wretched curse, once and for all - by employing the help of some very worldly individuals.


Will Carmella be successful in her attempts to master her savage mane, thus putting her on par with beautiful Buffy Bouffant and her bodacious blond tresses? Or will she find a way to live with the tenacious hairdo burdening her noggin and finally bring peace to her otherwise tortured existence?

Signed by local author, Anthony Paolucci.

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