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"MOSAIC" - Poetry by E.E. Kelly


E.E. Kelly’s debut collection of poetry and prose covering the dark and light sides of life and love. Mosaic combines fragments from the past and present into a dazzling whole that shines of honesty, growth, and hope.

E.E. Kelly is a poet and author. In January 2019, she self-published her first poetry collection, Mosaic. E.E. Kelly has been writing poetry and short stories since she could form words on paper. As a young adult, she began sharing her words within the poetry community on her Instagram account.


E.E. Kelly lives in Southern CT and enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and cooking (mostly) Whole 30 meals. She is an occupational therapist working in a non-traditional role and incorporates her love for writing into her work. She is also passionate about supporting and advocating for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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