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"As Above, So Below"


Connecticut native Anthony Paolucci began his journey as a creator of children's books in 2009. Inspired by his experience as a father, he set out to write stories that both challenged and entertained kids of all ages via colorful language and a broad range of unique themes. These tales would take their readers on strange and wonderful adventures, encouraging them to step outside the shelter and comfort of Once upon a time, without promising they'll be the same at the end. Rather than risk the integrity of his ideas by publishing his books traditionally, Anthony opted to market them himself. Self-publishing not only gave him the freedom to create books precisely as they were envisioned, but it would make them available the world over. With 40 titles in his catalog as of 2019, age levels now ranging from preschool to adult, Anthony is forever chasing the next idea, while appreciating the joy his imagination brings to others.

Signed by the author.

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