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"Creatureton High"


Three years have passed since the events of Creatureton Elementary, and Sally Salamander Squibly, non-monster monster, is a sixteen-year-old student at Rydell High with her best friend Logan. The evil Warlock, Mad Mulligan, remains trapped in the possession of the Witch who captured him, Miss Glinda, and all is seemingly right with the world.


Yet, the world of the magus has been thrown into a state of turmoil. Witches and Warlocks everywhere have come to both praise and curse the imprisoned Warlock for having successfully created a hybrid, the first ever fusing of a Vampire and a Werewolf, the most powerful of all the monster species. Some wish to create hybrids of their own, to strengthen their forces in their attempt to overthrow the monster government, who have been their oppressors for hundreds of years. Others wish to prevent the creation of such a creature. The hybrid is a very powerful weapon, and in the hands of malicious sorcerers, the results would be catastrophic. Strife between the divided factions has opened the door for a magic-user of exceptional strength and intelligence to step forward and lead the revolt against the monster government. Miss Glinda has devised a plan for stopping the dissident magic-users from achieving their goal, but to do so Sally would have to become the Hybrid again.


As she toils over the difficult decision, Sally struggles with the everyday trials and tribulations of being a teenager. A young man has caught her attention and ensnared her heart. Phelan is charming and handsome, but is he simply too good to be true? Will her newfound joy be enough to distract her from the impending war between the magic-users, one that has begun to trickle over into both the human and monster world? And will Sally survive the betrayal of those closest to her, or succumb to the despair that threatens to destroy her dreams of a happy life?

Signed by the author.

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