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"Creatureton University"


In the wake of a terrible tragedy, a series of mysterious abductions occur throughout the city, once again putting monsterkind on edge. As Sally and the others struggle to discover the whereabouts of these unfortunate creatures, a plot for the renegades to wipe out the governing leaders of both the human and monster races is uncovered, and our heroes must do their best to thwart this dastardly plan. Yet, when a member of their past unexpectedly surfaces during the assassination attempt, their lives are thrown into a tailspin. Only the recovery of a lost item, buried deep in the catacombs of Creatureton University, can hope to defeat this latest threat. Yet, its retrieval is perilous, and they must risk their lives in order to obtain it.


All the while, Sally and her friends cope with the profound changes in their lives, as they strive to understand who they are, who they’ve been, and who they will become. Relationships are tested, and new friendships forged. Sally herself is once again thrust into familiar roles, yet in the process learns that she is not as unique as she once thought.


Will monsterkind survive the onslaught that threatens to destroy their way of life? And will Mad Mulligan appear once again to finish what he started eight years ago?


This book marks the exciting conclusion to the Creatureton Trilogy.

Signed by the author.

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